dup for Synology systems

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dup is a small package I created for my Synology NAS. Having it loaded with 500Gb drives I soon ran out of space, and having additional drives lying about with more data on them so I decided to fork out and upgrade the DS2411+ to have 12 3TB drives and move all my data I’ve collected over the last 10+ years into one central location.

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Sticky: IE and downloading files from www.arden.ie

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I’ve noticed that when using IE8 and downloading some files on this site I get presented with the below message

IE Error

Funny enough Firefox doesn’t suffer from this error. Also the ‘Save Target As’ option in IE works! Go figure Microsoft!

Projects Section

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Just added a new Projects section that will be getting updated as I get time with a few new and old and still active things I’m messing about with. Kicking it off is my PHP, LDAP and AD project!

NAC Converter Updated

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NAC Converter is a program which can convert NAC’s into Longitude and Latitude values and UTM’s or vice versa.

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Just about setup!

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Well, I’ve setup the basic site and need content now so I’m going to slowly move the content from my old site (www.nastypcs.com) to here and then do away with that site as I haven’t updated it since 2004 !!