String Finder v1.3

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So an old tool I wrote a long time ago on that I used to search for text in files and make updates to the files too, I decided to update a little.

To be honest I have not used it in quite some time but found the other day I needed something like it, but noticed it was not as easy as I remembered to use so I made a few tweaks to the code and recompiled with a new install of RAD studio 10 Seattle 😉

Here is a small list of some of the updates.

Updated version of String Finder v1.2 from (String Finder)
Better handling of files in use.
Open files in Notepad++ if installed, otherwise defaults to windows notepad.
Better status/display messages.
GUI tweaks.
Default file size is 512KB.
Multi file open.
Removal of old components. Download: String Finder v1.3 (1.36MB)
Added: 05/01/2016
Description: Find strings in files, replace text.

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