How to make HikVision firmware v5.2 multilingual!

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I recently updated my DS-2CD2132-I to the new firmware V5.2.0 build 140721 only to find when I logged in I was presented with Chinese only as the language.

There are a few options to set your camera to a different region, but they seem to cost money so I though I’d have a look myself only to find out just how simple it is to do! The video below took longer to make 🙁 (first one though) Note, this is just the interface and not the OSD text, this remains Chinese, but I don’t display the day, just the date so it’s not really an issue for me.

First, flash the new firmware on your camera, then log in and enable ssh and set-up a smb share.

Set-up a smb share on your computer and give your account full access for your account.

Next add the smb share to you camera, this is used to move files to and from.

Next you need to run the following ssh command to copy the file we need to edit.

//make backup
cp /dav/IEfile.tar.gz /dav/IEfile.bak.tar.gz

//copy file to smb
cp /dav/IEfile.tar.gz /mnt/nfs00/IEfile.tar.gz

Next open the file on the smb share with 7Zip, go into the doc folder, then into script folder and edit the login.js file.

Search for the word remove and replace the string with


Save the file back to the archive. 7-Zip has an edit file option, when you close the file after editing it will ask to update the archive, let it!

Next copy the file back to the camera by running the following ssh command

cp /mnt/nfs00/IEfile.tar.gz /dav/IEfile.tar.gz

This will overwrite the original file, but we have a backup anyway, next reboot the camera and load the web page to see the additional languages are now available!

I did this to one of my cameras, and below is a video of me doing it to my second so you can easy follow the process.



16 Responses to “How to make HikVision firmware v5.2 multilingual!”
  1. avatar hmjgriffon says:

    Do you have a copy of the Chinese firmware?

  2. avatar saot says:

    Hello, I have a problem. I hope you can help me.
    When I try to replace file, it’s telling system is read only. Tried chmod -R 777 dav or chmod -R 777 dav/IEfile.tar.gz but no solution.

    Any help please?

  3. avatar saot says:

    Also it’s 5.1.7

    • avatar arden says:

      Sorry, I’ve never used the 5.1.7 firmware so can’t really test. Are you logging in as root via ssh? Is root the current owner of the file? When you run chmod, does it update the files at all?

      I know it might be a typo but try adding the root slash, eg.

      chmod -R 777 /dav/IEfile.tar.gz or chmod -R 777 /dav

      Check before and after with an ls -la /dav/IEfile.tar.gz

      • avatar drunk says:

        Hi Arden,

        I’m attempting this fix, but am running into the same issue as saot.
        I saw ‘Blake McJunkin’ (in the youtube comments) also had the same issue.
        I tried his ‘Clear Session Cookies’ work-around which temporarily brings back English for me, but I’d really like to employ your more permanent fix.

        I’m running Firmware Version V5.2.1 build 140820.

        Here’s the various outputs I see.

        login as: admin
        admin@‘s password:

        BusyBox v1.19.3 (2014-07-21 13:53:56 CST) built-in shell (ash)
        Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.

        # cp /dav/IEfile.tar.gz /dav/IEfile.bak.tar.gz
        cp: can’t create ‘/dav/IEfile.bak.tar.gz’: Read-only file system

        # ls -la

        drwxrwxr-x 1 3079 12 1656 Jan 1 1970 dav

        # ls -la dav

        -rwxrwxrwx 1 3079 12 2287896 Jan 1 1970 IEfile.tar.gz

        # chmod -R 777 /dav
        chmod: /dav: Read-only file system
        chmod: /dav: Read-only file system

        So it seems I’m stuck in Read-only mode preventing me from applying the modified IEfile.tar.gz

        Does anyone have any idea how to fix this and allow writing back to the camera’s file system?


        • avatar drunk says:

          Through a bit more reading I think I figured out why I can’t get out of Read-only mode.

          # mount

          /dev/mtdblock5 on /dav type cramfs (ro,relatime)

          It seems my camera/firmware is using cramfs which is a read-only file system by design.

          I assume other firmwares don’t use this and hence allow changes to be applied. Guess I’ll look into a different firmware version?

  4. avatar normel says:

    Hello Arden, At first thanks for your work, i appreciate it and respect how you can have so much patience,and answer almost all replys.. Great work.

    I have bought 4pc of DS-2CD2432F-IW from China, they came with Firmware:
    V5.1.0 build 131202

    I have downloaded the update from US website (2xx2_Series_IP_Camera_Firmware_v5.2.0_140721)

    As soon as i browse to the file, and click ”upgrade” it says, ”the language is not supported” how can i solve this?

    SSH and telnet are not available in my configuration,, i think its added in new firmware.

    Thanks in advance !

  5. avatar hans says:

    Wow, thanks for this solution!

    Mabey you know how to make english to default by login?
    ( or other language)
    now its chinees and have to chanche it every time.

    Regards, Hans
    The netherlands

    • avatar Khouba says:


      thats easy, just change every ‘zn’ string to ‘en’ in every place inside that ‘if’ statement as is ‘/*$(this).parent().remove();*/’ mentioned above, so it’ll look like this:

      $("#divLanguageChoose").find("label[id!='en']").each(function (i) {
      $("#divLanguageChoose").css("height", "auto");
      if ("en" != $.cookie('language')) {

      If you don’t replace the ‘remove’ string then in login page would be only English language in the menu.

  6. avatar ajay100 says:

    I registered to say thanks for providing this fix – it’s great that clever people like you share this information! (I also looked for a Donate button!)

    Camera: DS-2CD2332-I
    Firmware: V5.2.3 build 141024

    Many thanks – Andrew

  7. avatar jansko says:

    Do you know maybe how can i change on OSD Settigs —Display week china charters
    I have cam model DS-2CD2032-I I buy this on aliexpres with firmware 5.2.5 but when i change admin password and reboot and when i login cam send me message (acount is locket tray login after 20 min) after 20 min nothing the same message
    than i restart cam hard reset and then is ok with default pass 12345 but if i change pass same is repeated. then i downgrade firmware on ver 5.2.3 and i make
    mistake cam is dead. But ok no problem than i find china 5.2.5 and make this in file IEfile.tar.gz

    $(“#divLanguageChoose”).find(“label[id!=’en’]”).each(function (i) {
    $(“#divLanguageChoose”).css(“height”, “auto”);
    if (“en” != $.cookie(‘language’)) {

    but now i have just one problem hardware nvr find me cam and when i can put cam on id 4 ( port 4 poe) when i save settings on nvr send me message (Language michmach) and i can not save settings i can just put cam on onvif protokol.

    I have two questions:
    1. how can i change OSD Settigs —Display week china charters i know i can remove marked but this is not the right solution

    2. how can i connect cam with nvr how can i remove (Language michmach)

    Thank you very much for replay

  8. avatar davinci says:

    Hi Arden,

    Good instruction. Very helpful!

    But have you ever encountered the issue: “Read only file system” when copying the IEfile.tar.gz? If so, how do you solve it?


  9. avatar delahlin says:

    Thank you so much for this. Awesome, simple solution for crappy firmware.

  10. avatar orotmans says:

    Hallo Arden

    Thanks a lot for this video.

    I made something wrong in the script file and now I can’t access anymore to my camera and I can’t open anymore the IEfile.tar with 7-zip : data error IEfile.tar.

    I’have no solution and can’t use my camera anymore.

    Do you have some idea ?

    Thanks a lot

  11. avatar Hanjra says:

    Hi there

    I am stuck on cp: can’t create ‘/dav/IEfile.tar.gz’: Read-Only file system

    could you please help me out


    设备型号 DS-2CD3410FD-IW
    设备序列号 DS-2CD3410FD-IW20141124AACH489842981
    主控版本 V5.2.3 build 141024
    编码版本 V1.0 build 140926

    thx in advance

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