mcconfig version 0.2 ready for download!

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So I spent a little time updating mcconfig to work with the Craftbukkit as well as Minecraft, and added the following additional functions.

Update your server version (downloads the jar and replaces your current one)
Works with Craftbukkit now too!
Edit the OP’s file
Edit the Whitelist file
Edit the Player and IP ban’s file
Works with the new Minecraft server versions with uuid/json formatted files (some limitations).
Logs updated to work with newer Minecraft server versions.
Added app/games config settings.
Feedback option added.


Download it here!



3 Responses to “mcconfig version 0.2 ready for download!”
  1. avatar atomi23 says:

    hmm i tried but it dosnĀ“t update minecraft on dsm5

    • avatar arden says:


      It looks like they have changed a few things, you now need to edit the eula.txt file in the application directory, usually ‘/volume1/@appstore/Minecraft/eula.txt’





      and start the server and you should be good to go.

      Before Upgrade
      Before Upgrade

      After upgrade but befire eula.txt edit
      After upgrade but befire eula.txt edit

      After eula.txt edit
      After eula.txt edit

      I’ll make an update soon to include this in the upgrade process along with check a few other features.


  2. avatar LosOutlandos says:

    Hi arden,

    I was thrilled to have found this nice piece of software, because I wasn’t having success on setting OPs in Craftbukkit despite much trying. I’m not very versed in the linux world, so this seemed perfect! My plan was to use the /save-all command as OP to save the game state, because this appears to be (to my knowledge) the only way of saving the state, because on DSM, there is no console visible.

    I’m afraid setting OPs doesn’t work for me in mcconfig, and I suspect it’s because the OPs file is now named ops.json instead of ops.txt (I think it was changed in an update).

    Is there a chance of you releasing an updated version of mcconfig to adress this?
    In case you don’t have the time, would you know of a solution to setting OPs using Craftbukkit on a Synology box?

    Cheers and thank you for making this!

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