mcconfig – Minecraft Config for Synology systems

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Just a very small and basic package to help configure your Minecraft server running on your Synology systems. Still a few limits and additional features to be added, but at current you can set options in the file and upload/add and download levels/maps/worlds, view logs etc…

Make sure you set the PHP open_basedir to none or add the Minecraft app dir (/volume1/@appstore/Minecraft) to the path for access to the Minecraft package. Currently only tested and verified working on DSM 5.0

Minecraft for Synology systems can be downloaded from here, and mcconfig from here.

Version 0.2 now uploaded, more info here.



4 Responses to “mcconfig – Minecraft Config for Synology systems”
  1. avatar andrzejk2 says:

    My Minecraft app dir is /volume2/@appstore/Minecraft. Mcconfig not work! Where add the path for access to the Minecraft?

  2. avatar professeurtiti says:

    (minecraft server 1.8)

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