dup 0.6.3 Beta 2 and DSM 5 Beta

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After upgrading to the DSM 5 Beta I have come across a few issues with the database change form MySQL to Maria and to be honest at first I went through the database upgrade option but noticed a few issues with not just dup but a few other applications I have that access MySQL. Speed was sluggish at best and sometimes the database would not update!

I ended up exporting the databases via phpMyAdmin and I also backed up the /volume1/@database folder and then went into the MariaDB tool and deleted the databases altogether, seems a bit extreme but after doing it I noticed huge speed improvements, even over the old MySQL database!

I’m not sure how the upgrade process is done, but I’d advise anyone using the old MySQL to do a clean setup of the MariaDB if using dup, hopefully they will address this in the official release of DSM so this wont need to be done.

Note I’m using an unreleased Beta 2 version of dup at current, but I did revert to Beta 1 and experience the same issue. I’ll release the Beta 2 shortly!

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