dup 0.6.3 Beta 1 Released!

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So I finally got around to releasing this, did a lot more work than intended to on it before releasing so the move/linking/renaming/deleting is now working fine!

There are lots of bits of code I need to tide up and move about, may be some interface bugs too, but over all I feel it’s at an acceptable level for public testing.

I haven’t tested the old database upgrade functions since making the last round of changes as this is a Beta version, and the database changes quite a bit. When I do release a stable version I’ll make sure it works though.

So Let me know of any issues, hopefully the problems from the previous versions won’t pop up again!

dup -Home

Beta 2 now available!

Download it here. here



2 Responses to “dup 0.6.3 Beta 1 Released!”
  1. avatar arden says:

    Beta 2 may be out this weekend!

    List of changes are…

    Changed a lot of database fields to text instead of vchar(255)
    ***I found on my system I do have a few files with a longer file name which caused issues. Newer versions of MySQL support larger vchars but I didn’t want to limit dup to a set version of DSM, based on its MySQL version, that and I wasn’t bothered looking up the MySQL versions in each DSM releases to see how far back dup support would go.

    File options in the search sections are now working.

    Add Profile link on one or two pages updated.

    A few Code updates here and there.

    More to come…

  2. avatar arden says:

    So I installed DSM 5.0 Beta last night, and the only change required in 0.6.3 Beta 1 was to enable a php extensions ‘pdo_mysql’ which I guess is disabled by default.

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