dup 0.6.3 almost ready!

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So I finally got back to this after some very nice holidays, only to be very very disappointed by the sqlite performance compared to MySQL. The plan was to remove the requirement of MySQL altogether but to be honest I’ve only used sqlite in c++ in the past and not the likes of php so I might be doing something wrong, I’ll revisit this from time to time.

0.6.3 has been updated quite a lot in the backed to use the php PDO classe to enable both MySQL and sqlite functionality but for now I’m going to leave the sqlite unfinished and iron out the other bugs that have come about due to adding new features like below.

The file size limit has been removed, you can scan all file sizes now.
File types are no longer case sensitive.
Much better Logging, better layout too.
Better search functions, you can now just search within dups (phase 1 – must be a search dup to be found, phase 2 will just require it to be a dup)
try/catch used a lot more to catch any errors with better reporting too.

Some new things I’m thinking of adding are but may only appear in 0.6.4

Matching dups based on file names option.
Phase 2 of the dup searches to be implemented.
sqlite functionality, with warnings of it’s slowness.
Clean up code (a little done already)



5 Responses to “dup 0.6.3 almost ready!”
  1. avatar arden says:

    Ok, so I found the following for sqlite

    $dblink->exec(“pragma synchronous = off;”);

    Which means it won’t verify the update in the database on the disk after every query, and is MUCH faster, but if you have a power cut during a database update, then your database will more then likely become corrupt!, a side effect for not using MySQL but the option is there.

    BTW, if you’d like to help me test dup beta versions please let me know, I find I spend so much time testing and it would be handy to have some help before I make an official release, email me at feedback@arden.ie for more information.


  2. avatar starsonesp says:

    Hi arden: When I go to ADD PROFILE > Main Folder > Browse, the Select Main Directory dialog box is blank. How can I tell dup where to look on my Synology? Thanks! MDW

  3. avatar arden says:

    Hey MDW,

    This usually happens when dup(php) doesn’t have access to explore the root of your system. When setting up dup and adding your first profile it will automatically start browsing at / and if it doesn’t have access the display is blank. You can get around this by setting the open_basedir to none and making sure the custom open_basedir option is set in your Synology php settings.

    This can also happen when you edit a profile. If you setup a profile, and set the folder, then in the file manager of your Synology system, delete that folder, editing the profile will again display a blank list as the starting off folder does not exist anymore.

    These issues have both been addressed in dup 0.6.3 which should be coming shortly.


  4. avatar dailydisco says:

    Hi, glad I found your site. I was going to install Dup 0.6.2 since the duplicate report in DSM 4.3 has been running for 3 days and I am not even sure if it is actually working… seems to just keep running. I have been looking all over your site and I cannot seem to find the instructions to install Dup. I see the comments on some troubleshooting but I cannot seem to find any basic installation instructions. I assume it isn’t a Syno package but I don’t know how else to install…

    Anyway, if there is a link somewhere that describes this I would be most grateful… would love to trip down my Syno archive by removing redundant files.

  5. avatar arden says:

    Hey dailydisco,

    dup is a synology package. Just do a manual install as you would do with any other package you download.

    Once installed though make sure you run the following command via ssh or in the file manager.

    chmod 777 /volume1/web/dup/db.php

    As you need to make sure the db.php file can be updated by everyone. This is required during the setup as the account used to start the Apache HTTP service is a system account called nobody which has very little access.

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