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So i finally got around to making this into a package for synology systems. As you can see from the old screen shots I’ve added a few additional features. I used it mainly from the web station but now it’s a package and I’ve had to make 1 or 2 changes here or there to suit, so bear with me and let me know of any issues.

You can get it here. Download: NZB (100KB)
Added: 28/03/2013
Description: Manage NZB files on your system, interact with the Synology Downloader, repair/unpack and move Downloads.

When you install, setup by entering your SQL root password. then your ready to go.

Searching is done only via the API at as NZB Matrix is no longer with us 🙁

I created this mainly to help me with loading up nzb’s into my DownloadStation, I hate downloading non needed files (par’s) hence why you can load a NZB file and select what files you want to download., also repair and unpack the downloads, then merge multiple downloads together or move to your media folders.

Make sure you set your DownloadStation to automatically load files from the ‘Save to Folder’ as this is where NZB will save them to.



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