Projects Section

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Just added a new Projects section that will be getting updated as I get time with a few new and old and still active things I’m messing about with. Kicking it off is my PHP, LDAP and AD project!

NAC Converter Updated

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NAC Converter is a program which can convert NAC’s into Longitude and Latitude values and UTM’s or vice versa.

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Just about setup!

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Well, I’ve setup the basic site and need content now so I’m going to slowly move the content from my old site ( to here and then do away with that site as I haven’t updated it since 2004 !!

Sticky: Multi-Threading queue with Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero RAD 2010

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This is a small program to show a way to queuing threads with Rad Studio 2010. I wrote this program to create a queue thread class that I wanted to use in another program (MyNNTP, more on that later).

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Setting up the new content and hope to get all bugs/settings ironed out. Stay tuned!